Butterfly World, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Before we left for Fort Lauderdale and the Florida Keys, I googled about things to do, especially for my children, ( Doesn’t everyone?) And I found “Butterfly World”…

Well, who doesn’t love a pretty butterfly? Google Map on, and off we went!

Butterfly world is a nice experience and though I found it a bit on the pricey side…$70 for an adult and 2 children, we did really enjoy the trip. There are butterflies (Of course), many wild birds (some you can feed), an insect museum, (I left scratching and swatting away invisible bugs) a rain forest, garden, and beautiful vegetation. It’s also set on beautiful grounds.

It’s a relatively small place and can be walked in about 30 minutes if you don’t stop and look around, but we stopped…  a lot.

All of the Butterflies are bred right there at Butterfly World so there is no importing of or removing butterflies from their environment. The first thing you will see when you visit Butterfly World is the Butterfly Research Center.

Then the exciting part … The Butterflies!
Hundreds of different species, and for the life of me, I couldn’t get a decent photo, little suckers are faster than you’d think!
The children enjoyed feeding the Lorikeets the most, it’s $1 for a tiny cup of this sweet juice that they feed them, and the birds land on you or are put on you gently by a bird keeper.
Butterfly World is full of diverse flora as well, would you believe it was the first time I saw a pineapple growing?
Or Bamboo growing, which to my environmental side, was exciting, as I know that bamboo is one of the most renewable woods that can grow in our world, so if you have a love of wood floors or furniture, it’s worth having a look at bamboo first, before you decide.
The children loved the insect museum, some of the bugs were as big as a child’s head, as creepy as they were, it was completely fascinating! There were groups of live bugs as well as dead ones on display. I could hear other children as well as my own, with their “ewwww”, their “so cool”, their “OH LOOK AT THIS ONE!”
A  definite  popularity the children!
It was the live bugs that creeped out this mom, they just gave me the heebeegeebees!
I don’t know if these lovely flowers are native to Florida, but they were truly stunning. The butterfly habitat was mostly enclosed in a tropical encasement that you can freely walk around in. As expected, they don’t want any butterflies flying off into neverland, they also need to feed the lovely flying insects, as they drink the nectar from the lovely blossoms.
Where you find butterflies, beautiful flowers and bugs, you’re likely to find birds. I have seen many birds all over the world and of course at the zoo, but this was especially fascinating because you can walk amongst the ground birds, you can quietly creep with them, or sit and hope they come near you. They are used to visitors, but I found them still to be quite untrusting, I especially liked seeing the Qualls.
I captured about as many photos of the birds, as I did the butterflies….
Fast lil suckers!
I’m not even scratching the surface of the beauty of Butterfly World. I do still think it’s a bit pricey, but I do understand that a lot of upkeep goes into a place such as this as well.
The gift shop was added fun for my daughter, who was 9 at the time, she loved the butterfly wings, I purchased them for her and when we got back to the hotel, she bounced from bed to bed trying to fly. A child’s imagination is a beautiful thing.
If you get the chance and you’re in Fort Lauderdale
Visit Butterfly World, you won’t regret it.
I’d like to add before closing, that there is also a small cafe, but we didn’t eat or drink there, as we were off to a restaurant as soon as we left.
Opened 7 days
Monday -Saturday 9-5
Sunday 11-5
Last Admission on all days is 4pm
Located in Tradewinds Park South
3600 W. Sample Road, Coconut Creek,
Florida, 33073 U.S.A.
I hope your week is going well!
Tammy x