Cape Flattery, Washington State

I’m not exaggerating when I say that the west side of Washington State has some of the most breathtaking views in all the World. Honest. Breathtaking.

I lived in Washington for just under a year and if it weren’t for my adult children all conglomerating in Texas, I’d still be there. It’s just THAT beautiful. THAT peaceful. THAT astonishing.

When I visit now, my lovely sister in “love”, my brother and niece always trek us off somewhere new. This time we were on the pacific coast at Cape Flattery, which is also the most Northwest that you can go in the contiguous United States. It lies off Neah Bay and is part of the Makah Indian reservation.

Photo courtesy of Google Map search
SIDE NOTE...One of the things that I love about Washington State, is the rich history surrounding the 29 Indian Tribes and reservations located throughout the State.    

At the start of your journey, there is the obligatory photo in the big chair that you must do. I mean, I didn’t, but I happily convinced those I was with to partake, I handled the photography 😊.

My 6’2″ son, looking like he’s 4 foot!

There are walking sticks available at the start of the trail that you can borrow; donations are welcome or take the stick for $5. As crazy as it sounds, they really do help with the terrain.

There is quite a little hike to get to the cape, unfortunately, most of the terrain is dirt, boardwalk or stairs and is not equipped for wheelchairs. You can also expect to step over many tree roots and encounter a steep walk on the way back up. Dogs are welcome on leashes but the walk might be a bit much for smaller children, unless you don’t mind carrying them most of the way.

The trail is 1.2 miles long round trip and you will be hiking through rich green forest with native fauna and fungi.

There are 4 lookout points, one you will come to earlier than the rest, and the beauty, oh the beauty. It’s almost indescribable, but I encourage you to keep going, as the views only get better.

The first looking point on your hike

When you reach the cape you can see a very small island called Tatoosh Island, rumor has it, there is a lovely lighthouse on the island. Rumor also has it, that there are often whales splashing about and the sunsets are phenomenal. I wasn’t that lucky, as much as I squinted, I could see no frolicking whales and we had the views of thick fog over a sunset.

However, with views like these… Who needs a sunset?

Cape Flattery is opened year round, the fee to get in is $10.00 per car with free parking. There are also toilets at the start of the hike. Please keep in mind, there is no where to throw away your trash on this hike, so carry your garbage with you to the end.

I hope you’re able to visit this part of Washington State, very near the Canadian border. I also hope that you get to see the a lovely sunset, whales, seals and puffins. Since it was a bit damp and foggy when I was there, I’ll just have to go again! Right?

Thank you for stopping by!