It’s my blog and I’ll moan if I want to

Maybe not a proper moan, but a revelation.
An epiphany, and realizing what I want for my blog.

When I decided that I wanted a new blog, I knew that I didn’t have the wherewithal to build a professional-looking one, nor did I have the desire to learn. Most tech stuff just isn’t my thing. So, I poked around and hired someone to do the blog for me. She did a great job, I think. If you’re in need of blog or social networks, her name is Yaya, and her email is

However, every time I would sit down to write something, my blog host Word Press would tell me that my writing wasn’t good enough, that there was this wrong or that wrong. And then I’m like “Hold up”, this is just too stressful. Forget it.

The thing is, I really do like to write, I like to talk about my travels, I love exploring and I love to share cool places that I discover. Just like I like to come upon other blogs and read them.

When I go through other blogs, it’s very hard not to compare myself. And by comparison, it’s not a self-esteem thing, it’s more of a “Should I blog more”? “Should I change my titles”? “Should-I-just-stop-blogging-because-this-new-blog-isn’t-getting-the-traffic-my-old-one-did”?

Then, as I do. I had a word with myself. I blog for me. I blog to share, I don’t blog to be judged, I don’t blog so my College Professor can grade it. I blog for fun. Yes, it would be great if someone paid me to blog, it would be marvelous to do a press this or that. But if my blog were to never raise a dime, I’d still blog. It’s my scrapbook of sorts.

On that note, I should add, it was 55 degrees Fahrenheit when I woke up this morning, I’m sitting at my kitchen desk with the back door open. That’s a big deal in Texas. Nothing motivates more than a crisp, sunny day in the Autumn. Our first break in hot weather!

If we do cross paths and you do read my blog, welcome, hello and thank you!

Tammy x